Frequently Asked Questions


Do prints come with/include frames?

No. Prints do not include and are not posted framed. It’s too much of a liability to send glass in the post. However all prints come in common sizes which you can easily find frames already to size in most stores for cheap. So you don’t need to worry about getting custom frames made to fit.

Can you send me a digital copy of a print so I can print it for myself?

No. I don’t offer this. My artwork has been stolen all over the internet so hopefully you can understand why I don’t offer this. I do however offer some downloadable artworks such as wallpapers.


Does my order include tracking?

All prints and mouse pads at the moment include tracking. Hence why shipping is expensive. For U.S customers, the U.S is the only country that does tracking as a default on everything. As for everywhere else tracking is an additional cost. Due to postage delays all of my print and mouse pad orders have moved up to the postage tier to include tracking. Cards however do not unless purchased as an extra option.

Why is your shipping so expensive?

I’m from Australia, everything is expensive. We’re kinda getting ripped off here. I charge exactly what the post office charges me. And they keep increasing their prices. I know it’s pricey but I try to make it worth it. Everything (besides cards) are tracked, and packed very carefully and securely to arrive to you undamaged. This includes hard cardboard for protection which adds to the weight of the product.

Will my order arrive by a certain date?

I can’t guarantee any arrival by certain dates at the moment. Especially with cards. The pandemic is still happening and postage globally is still delayed. Cards last year were taking up to 2 months, sometimes 3 months to arrive. I have no word if that’s improved or not. Please be mindful when purchasing cards. Prints are probably arriving faster than that. Probably around a month, maybe a little longer. Please be patient, it’s trying times for everyone at the moment.

My order arrived late, can I get a refund?

No. This is not a valid refund reason. Shipping delays are out of both mine and your control. Please be mindful of this when making your purchase. You can read more about my refund/exchanges polices at the Refunds and Returns page

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